2010 National Games

Friday, July 23, 2010

Heading Home

It's been a beautiful journey but I guess it must come to an end at some point... I like to think of it like this, if you never go home you can never come back. So we all go home tomorrow hoping an opportunity to come again presents itself and we are all fortunate enough to experience this wonderful ride in the future.

Multiple flights take off tomorrow and the alarms will once again wake us all up early to begin the travel day home. Everyone is exhausted, but handling it all quite well.

Team Washington is an amazing group of athletes, partners, coaches and staff. We have had many stomach wrenching laughs, and emotional moments of tears together. Everyone on this team lived quite the dream for the last seven days, a dream that will live with us all forever...

Thanks to all the parents for their support and help throughout this trip. You have been amazing for all the athletes, coaches and staff.

I will continue to blog pictures and videos until my phone is either dead from exhaustion or completely downloaded of all pictures and videos. But for those of you who have followed this, rest assure, we will continue to keep it on the net for your enjoyment.

Safe Travels.

Photo Album

Check out all the photos from the closing ceremony and the entire trip... journey... experience...

FeFe Rocked!

Peace Dude!

Christina Debarge On Stage

Closing Ceremony Entertainment

Team Washington Gettin it's GROOVE ON!

Christina Debarge

Look what Keith and I found. A potty break backstage turns into a photo op.

Closing Ceremony

We're moments away from the closing ceremony... This place is rockin!